Jane Piper shares 5 lessons from 5 years in business

Jane Piper has very kindly shared a story with us about a move from a safe corporate role to independent consulting!

It covers the subjects of:

  1. Patience and Perseverance
  2. Get good advice
  3. Relationships REALLY matter
  4. Be bold
  5. Have Fun

A few points that resonated with me personally:

“Not everyone will like or agree with what you say. Don’t be sorry – that’s the point.”

“In an era of social media, being seen does matter.”

“As a thought leader your ideas are new and controversial, otherwise it’s not thought leadership, by definition.”

You can read the full article on LinkedIn by clicking here

Jane Piper is an Organisational Psychologist and bestselling author of Focus in the Age of Distraction.

She is interested in the intersection of human and technology and challenges us to look at the impact that technology is having our work and non-work lives, well-being and happiness.

After a 20 year corporate career, she now helps people and organisations to work better in a digital age. For me information see her website or Linkedin profile.

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