About this Site

I created this site with a clear objective:

To encourage Business Analysts to share their stories and insights, so that we can learn from each other and develop together as a professional community.

But why did I create it? Well that will require me to tell you a little story.

In September 2019 I attended the Business Analysis Conference Europe in London. I was fortunate enough to be giving a presentation there myself which i found to be a really rewarding experience. It is a great event that allows Business Analysts to network and listen to a number of talks on various subjects relating to our profession.

What I noticed, and others confirmed in various conversations afterwards, is that while there was a lot of great content on a number of subjects it was the presentations where people talked about their experiences that were the most inspiring.

It was people telling their story that resonated with other Conference attendees the most.

It was when I was on the train home and reflecting on this observation that I decided to launch this blog as a platform to allow Business Analysts to tell their stories.

What we do as Business Analysts is incredibly valuable and important work and it deserves to have a light shone upon it and to be shared so that others understand what we do.

If something that we have done in our careers is able to inspire, encourage and energize others then we can only benefit as a wider community.

If you would be interested in sharing your story click here

Lee Fewkes
Business Analyst

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